Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Motivators

having a cupboard filled with snacks originally intended for the camping trip

miller's new to him teeny guitar i found at an antique store and his ownership of "my songs, mama" whenever i pick it up (usually to fix the strings he's tangled up)

both evan and i finally knowing this little growing gal's first name.  (sorry, but you all will have to wait another few months to find out.  once a baby's born, she's open for all the world to connect with her.  we love the idea that until that day, she's still our own private little wish.  we did this with miller too, and our friends and families were on pins, needles and frustrated guesses until his birthday.)  

learning to curb our "trucker's mouths" when driving.  especially now that someone's little mouth is using new words almost every day.  (even though evan yelling "thank you!" to a car that cut him off doesn't quite have the same sting to it.)

mother's day bbq dinner (and leftovers for monday's lunch!)

evan and my first overnight together without miller and feeling refreshed after spending two days and two nights in santa barbara later last week.  (miller was DEFINITELY missed as each toddler we saw we wanted to scoop up and hug.)  many, many, MANY thank yous to grandma mimi for taking such good care of "our most prized possession" and to evan's school district region for organizing (and expensing!) a great getaway.
{hotel views, expensing dinners (but not the scotch), walks, and missing this killer smile}


mimi the zookeeper - said...

ok. now i'm missing that killer smile! xoxo

mimi the zookeeper - said...

p.s. we can't wait for "bambi" to arrive. :)


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