Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Motivators

KALE CHIPS!!!  Our family finds anything labeled "chip" irresistible.  It's a good thing too because these are actually quite delicious and quite addicting and quite full of vitamins.

Speaking of food indulgences- owning the SILVER SPOON again after losing it a few years ago.  Man, oh man, this is an amazing cookbook.  (Thank you, Mother's Day Barnes & Noble giftcard!)

Kristen EM-EFFING Wiig (Who wants to babysit so Evan and I can go see BRIDESMAIDS??)

A ton of new stuff I'll be adding to the shop later this week.

Belly hiccups

Not spilling the beans early on great birthday surprises.

Not losing our cool when this becomes a standard eating in restaurants moment:
{Not everyone liked Umami Burger}

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