Monday, May 9, 2011

The camping trip that wasn't...

After (safely) suffering and needing to recover from a serious health emergency late last week, one of the families on our tri-family camping extravaganza trip was unfortunately unable to make the trip to Big Sur.  Not wanting them to miss out on a ton of memory making, the rest of us (sadly) decided to put a pin in this little vacation and look to the months ahead to plan a new one.

Our weekend was then spent in town, but still filled with great memory makers especially since Evan's brother and his family were visiting my in-laws. 

Despite not getting to sleep in a tent, we still managed to hit up most of the key elements in any great camping trip.
{cave exploring, climbing, bug investigating}
{trail riding}
{risk taking, hiking, rock throwing}
{buddy walks}
{and of course s'mores!}

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