Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Motivators

celebrating friendships with dinners, UCLA diaper cakes, weekly trade off starbucks runs/playdates, and an upcoming tri-family camping extravaganza.

wrangling a 22 month old to finish his (grand)mother's day crafts

6 months down and only a third as "huge" (as referenced by a 20 something gal yesterday when i helped her find a dress for her college graduation) as i was with the first little.  (definitely not eating a third as much as last time.)

speaking of eating, 2 servings of ice cream in one day?  why yes, that was me.

feeling completely comforted/proud/connected and yet totally intimidated/dumbfounded/overwhelmed by politics, world leaders and royal weddings

is it okay if i talk about how much i love ice cream again?

he might smell like poop sometimes, he might squirm when it's time to put on shoes and he just discovered picking his nose, but his morning smile wakes me ten times the half glass of iced coffee i allow myself a day.

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